Friday, December 26, 2008

Shhh. Don't Tell Anyone

Yeah, so I've had a sneaking suspicion of this for a while, but I fear it might be knitting heresy.  

I hate variegated yarns.  

They are sneaky bastards--looking all pretty as yarn in skeins, looking nasty once knit up.  OK, so sometimes socks and maybe scarves look OK.  But sweaters?  Hideous.  Hats?  Awful.  

Maybe I'm not using them properly--but at this point, I really don't think it's me.  

Case study:  Two balls of Sheep Shop Two yarn.  I have tried making a cardigan out if it.  Result: ugly.  Next, a seed-stitch scarf.  Result:  ugly.  And the most recent incarnation?  The Yarn Harlots cute "unoriginal hat."  Judge for yourself:  

So.  New Years Resolution #1:   NO MORE VARIEGATED YARN.  You will not tempt me with your multicolor swirls that look so delicious on the shelf.  I know your game.


artsycraftsy4fun said...

I have the same feelings about verrigated yarn to!!! I have used some of that yarn and it comes out in a pttern of blocks of color!(it that makes sense) it wont't be random, it makes you hate you work!!

Ceci said...

I don't see a hat picture... would love to see! And you are SO not alone. I hear it all the time on Ravelry. I personally love variegated yarns but know better than to use them on anything as big as a sweater or shawl because I just won't like the result.

cici said...

Hey you can send all your varigated yarns to me. I love them. I think I'm addicted. If it's not varigated it doesn't catch my eye!