Sunday, March 7, 2010

WIP: Paper Dolls and Audiobooks

Knitting Kate Davies's "Paper Dolls" while listening to "Game Change" on audiobook. The book is absolutely fascinating--a behind the scenes look at the 2008 election.  As an unabashed liberal, I find the book a lot of fun (spoiler alert--Obama wins!).  But it's actually empathetic to all involved, though it pulls no punches when it (I think rightly) excoriates John and Elizabeth Edwards and Sarah Palin--with devastating insight.  All I can say is, bullets were dodged.   Political junkies of all stripes should find the book entertaining.  Next I'm on to "Too Big to Fail"-- on the economic collapse.  Good times.

Still a novice at choosing colors that work well together, I shamelessly copied Sannie's combo in Rowan 4-ply scottish tweed.  I am quite smitten with the yarn, the pattern, the colors, everything.   I love the way it is knitting up to create a real fabric--a fuzzy, solid, woolly thing that looks amazing.  I did dispense with the i-cord cast on, just did a regular cast on and two rows of stockinette--it curls up to look like i-cord anyway.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Winter's Last Hurrah

We've all had our fun complaining about the long snowy winter--but now that everything is melting, I feel a little sad.  I think a lot of knitters feel that way.  It's the opposite of that rush we get when we catch that first cold breeze in late September.

But it's not totally over yet.  We still have a little spring skiing planned in two weeks, and in spite of the fact that the thermometer may hit 60 this weekend, there is still snow on the ground.  There is still time to crank out a few accessories like this cutie from Kirsten Kapur.  I was looking for a classic cabled hat and this fit the bill perfectly.  Soon I'll be knitting in bright spring colors, but here's a little more winter white to ease us into it.  Pom-pom yet to be added.

Wood Hollow Hat by Kirsten Kapur
Cascade 200, Natural, 1 skein
Needles: size 6