Saturday, December 27, 2008


When the package of yarn arrived yesterday, just as I was finishing a pair of crazy socks, I felt the overwhelming urge to rip into it immediately and cast on for its intended project--the sweater of a million tiny cables. I scrambled around to find the right size needle and got to work.

A mere three rounds later, I felt an twinge, then an ache, then shooting pain in my right arm. Turns out that knitting and cabling cotton at a tight gauge, on old sticky bamboo needles is a sure-fire way to blow out your carpal tunnel. Never mind, though. Two advil. Continue knitting.

Six rounds later and even the advil was no match for the needles from hell. So, first thing this morning, I ran out to my LYS and bought a pair of much-needed addis. Huge difference--much better.

Good tools are such a joy. I thought I hated dpns until I found the pricey but priceless signature needles. That itty bitty ribbing, the stiletto points--they make such a huge difference. Addis are a longtime favorite--I do wish they weren't quite so blunt sometimes, but in general, they are my go-to needles for both straight and round knitting.


ramalambadingdong said...

Ohh I love Addis too! they are so nice, especially after knitting with grippy bamboo. Your cables are beautiful! I hope mine look that nice one day. !

Ceci said...

A friend of mine got some Signature dpns for Christmas! I'd never heard of them before but wow am I jealous now... :)

cici said...

I have signatures, but I prefer circulars. I can't wait until they come out next year. The tips are the best! Happy New Year