Thursday, December 18, 2008


For a while now,  I've been wanting to make the cable and rib sweater with hood from Debbie Bliss's "The Baby Book."  I'm really starting to feel the pressure now that my own little guy is pushing a size 3T.  This pattern goes up to a size 4, but that's it.  It looks like a fairly mindless pattern with a ton of little cables.  Perhaps this will be the time to learn to cable without a cable needle.  Looks like I'd get lots of practice. 

I envision a cozy cotton sweater that little buddy can wear on chilly nights during the month we spend on Nantucket every year.

I'm not a huge fan of the Debbie Bliss cotton, and I AM a fan of Rowan's all season cotton.  So imagine the thrill I got when I scored 10 balls of Rowan ASC in "Cookie" for $23, shipping included.  WOO HOO!  Now, I just have to get it done.  Let's see, we leave for Nantucket in early July so.... I should have enough time, right?  I actually think I might have this one sent out to be seamed--looks like there is a lot of it and I know my track record.  Hey, with the $$ I saved on the yarn.....

ETA:  In my excitement, I assumed that 10 skeins would be enough for this yarn hog of a project.  Once I went through one of ten skeins and had only a few inches of knitting, I panicked a bit.  Luckily, cucumberpatchUK over on eBay still had individual skeins of this discontinued yarn in her store--whew.

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