Sunday, January 11, 2009

Making Progress

The hoodie of a thousand tiny cables is coming along nicely. The back is done and I'm about halfway up the front. But even with the slick addis, it's still not something I can do full-time. I still need a mindless stockinette project or an instant gratification hat/mitten project.

I find I work on it during the week--when I take a break at lunchtime, or for an hour or so in the evening. And is is looking yummy. The Rowan All-Season Cotton has just enough stretch and softness to make knitting tiny cables with cotton bearable. And it has has a nice almost-rustic texture that makes me think ahead to evenings by the water in the summer months ahead--a nice visual in the dead of winter.


elizabeth said...

Oooh, I like it! Yep, it does look like my picture! :o) Don't you love cucumberpatch? They're so fast with the shipping and such good prices!

ali said...

Impressive bunch of cables you've got going there!

(I bloghopped over from ADDknitter's blog)

Happy knitting!