Monday, January 5, 2009

It's not easy being this green

It was an impulse buy, I'll admit it. I saw Hello Knitty's fantastic version of the February Lady Sweater and decided I had to make the exact same thing. I was sure that as soon as I got the yarn, I would tear into it, cast on immediately, work on it until the wee hours of the morning until it was done. So I googled and ordered up 4 skeins of Araucania Nature Wool and when I opened the package.... it was GREEN.
And then reality set in. I don't wear a lot of green and when I do, it's of the forest or mossy variety, for good reason. I held it up to my face and it was not pretty. Instantly, I turned a strange shade of yellow. It's a stunning color--just not on me.

I tried to entice 6yo daughter--wouldn't she love a sweater in green?

No. Blue.

She said "I don't want to be disappointed, so can you please make it blue?"

So, down the pecking order it goes.... to little brother.

I would love to re-jigger Anny Purl's Cardigan for Merry--it seems like the perfect color for such a project--and I wonder if, by making it out of worsted instead of sport-weight yarn, I would end up with a 2-3yo size jacket. I'm off to the Ravelry forums to seek advice.


Anonymous said...

Yep, it's green. Super ultra mega green with another dash of green thrown in.. I hope you can find a use for the yarn, and if you are going to attempt the FLS I hope you'll think about using another color of Araucania. It's great to knit with and not very expensive.

I'm the daughter of hippies, so the idea of a color not working for me would never even cross my mind.

Sprocket said...

LOL. I'm the daughter of a doctor and a psychologist--and I'm a nerdy recovering lawyer myself, so maybe that explains it. But knitting is helping me become knowledgeable about and comfortable with color. Big Pile O'Green is pushing me in the right direction :)

pdxknitterati said...

That's a lot of green! I made mine in a lot of blue, and I'm happy. If I made it with a lot of red, I'd feel too conspicuous. Isn't color funny, and interesting?

Sprocket said...

@pdx--I'm actually thinking of taking baby steps when it comes to green--I'm going stash diving and seeing what colors I can find to go with it and maybe turn it into a Pippi!

Lynlee said...

That is probably my favorite shade of green. But I can't wear it either. I'm sure it will become something beatiful, though!