Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trellis Underway

After many (4) false starts, I think Trellis is finally underway. I love this pattern, I would pay big bucks for this sweater in a store and I refuse to admit defeat. Some things I have learned:
1) this pattern is not a good one to do while watching Project Runway
2) this is not something I should pick up after two mojitos
3) counting. counting is good.

In other words, for the beginning knitter, this is not a mindless pattern. Folks on Ravelry say you eventually get the hang of the pattern, memorize it blah blah blah. But for now, this is an ipod-only knit.

Trellis -- from
yarn: Rowan All Seasons Cotton in periwinkle
needle: size 7 addis

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