Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Planning for Fall

Not everyone knits in the summer (right?).  Well, I don't.  I don't wear tank tops and I dunno, "summer knits" just seems like a oxymoron.  So, when August rolls around and I start getting excited about fall, I pull out the yarn, needles... start a blog... perform CPR on my Ravelry account, etc.

I have to do some massive reorg of my Ravelry queue so it actually resembles a list of projects I'm going to tackle this fall as opposed to a random collection of link from across the internet.  But just of the top of my head, there are some things I definitely want to get done this fall:
  • Grumperina's "shifting sands"--using a great Sundara yarn
  • "Trellis" from Knitty
  • Basic scarves and hats for the kiddies
  • Central Park Hoodie
  • Bunting for my sister's new baby (due in Nov)

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