Sunday, March 7, 2010

WIP: Paper Dolls and Audiobooks

Knitting Kate Davies's "Paper Dolls" while listening to "Game Change" on audiobook. The book is absolutely fascinating--a behind the scenes look at the 2008 election.  As an unabashed liberal, I find the book a lot of fun (spoiler alert--Obama wins!).  But it's actually empathetic to all involved, though it pulls no punches when it (I think rightly) excoriates John and Elizabeth Edwards and Sarah Palin--with devastating insight.  All I can say is, bullets were dodged.   Political junkies of all stripes should find the book entertaining.  Next I'm on to "Too Big to Fail"-- on the economic collapse.  Good times.

Still a novice at choosing colors that work well together, I shamelessly copied Sannie's combo in Rowan 4-ply scottish tweed.  I am quite smitten with the yarn, the pattern, the colors, everything.   I love the way it is knitting up to create a real fabric--a fuzzy, solid, woolly thing that looks amazing.  I did dispense with the i-cord cast on, just did a regular cast on and two rows of stockinette--it curls up to look like i-cord anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Obama wins???? Man, I can't believe you spoiled it for me like that!!! *pout* ;)

I love that picture! Those colours are gorgeous!