Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FO: Nantucket Waters

First of all, there is snow.  Lots and lots of snow.  Yesterday's additional 2" almost put me over the edge, but hardened veterans that we now are, we survived.
So as I look out the window of this house, you won't blame me for daydreaming of the view from the other house.  Ahhhh July, you can't come soon enough.  For three weeks in the summer, the kids run in and out of the water, playing on the same beaches, surfing the same waves, and falling asleep to the same foghorn that their dad and granddad did when they were kids.  It's a grand old house with a million-dollar view, and a long family history to go with it. 

But back to the knitting--thoughts of those cobalt blue waters inspired me to knit my Citron in Sundara's fingering silky merino in the Cobalt over Mediterranean colorway.   
That is some *nice* yarn.  I have a few skeins stashed and I'm never quite sure what to make of them.  I'm not a very good lace knitter so the idea of sweating through hours of yarning over and passing slipped stitches over just to bunch my masterpiece around my neck just never seemed worth it.  But a semicircle of stockinette?  That I can do.

I followed the pattern almost exactly (left out a few rows of the very first gathered section so it would not look bunchy).  I also blocked it somewhat more aggressively along the straight edge to elongate the semicircle so it would wrap better around my neck as a scarf (but making it difficult to photograph, obviously).

A quick shout-out to NutmegOwl, who was my pick-up Citron KAL buddy--check out the beauty she produced.   Looks great, no? 

I'll leave you with one more shot from my summer daydreams---the men in my life:

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NutmegOwl said...

It does indeed remind one of those wonderful Nantucket Waters, my friend! Thanks for the advice along the way - and the sweet shout-out!