Friday, September 5, 2008

Politics, part 2

Ok, so no knitting, but I *wished* I'd had my knitting while we waited for... Joe Biden!
After the awful, divisive, hateful sniping I heard at the RNC, it was so great to hear Biden speak.  He talked about issues--not about petty silly issues.  He talked about the
 struggles that people face in their daily lives.  Talked about the
 challenges we face around the world, talked about what it really means to forge compromise, bring people together and find solutions to problems like Social Security, climate change, health care, etc.  It was so clear to me that
 if this election were about issues, it would be a landslide.  Sadly, the GOP has gotten so good at the politics of mass distraction--they would like nothing more than to make this election a referendum on
 Sarah Palin.  And all the while, people continu
e to work, struggle, and hope for a better way. 

 Also speaking was Gov. Ed Rendell--who did a great job of talking about the importance of green-collar jobs, and DR. Jill Biden, who talked about education.

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